absolutely the most lame and useless form of "internet" around. Quite often, people on this isp get booted for no reason, and without warning.
"Oh oh, it's starting to rain know what that means,don't you? ....that's right, any second now A-O-HELL will boot me off..."
by Miss Boobs November 14, 2003
American On-Line; a dumbass, piece of crap, excess-authority internet service that occupies all TV commercials and, seemingly, the entire internet itself. As many other people accurately say, AOL is extremely slow, is easily open to spyware and computer viruses, and may cause your computer to crash. AOL loves to wield its big, black "fist of fury" known as TOS, or Terms of Service, around in order to intimidate and threaten millions of the users; many of those users haven't done anything that could remotely be considered mildly offensive or illegal.
For all the bad service, unreliable connections, and poor reputations in dealing with online crime, junk email, spyware, and speed levels, AOL has the nerve to charge excessive monthly charges. They usually amount to well over $20 when the services provided mixed with the bullshit, pop-ups, and unnecessary authority are worth no more than three bucks. You AOL assholes. AOL: Assholes OnLine.
TOS is retarded. AOL only does this in the empty promise to keep child molesters and hackers off the Net. Also, those who threaten people in chat rooms when they will never meet the people that they are saying that they will beat the shit out of. But of course, AOL is too dumb to realize that most of these people jacking this bullshit in the chat rooms are most likely doing it just for fun, and even if they were in hatred against one another, the chances of those two actually coming in contact with one another are very rare. SO WHAT'S THE BIG DAMN DEAL, BITCH?
by Ryan Jones October 25, 2004
a company with at least 20 versions of crappiness.
Thank you AOL, I love these free CD cases. And thank you for providing me with CDs so I can practice my trash-can aim.
by what name? May 25, 2004
Another way of saying "me too". After the fondness of AOL users for this phrase.
"I hate that guy"
#aol #me #too #me too #america #online
by spud-------- February 01, 2007
Also: AOHell.

The worst mainstream Internet Service Provider (ISP) there is.
Anybody that uses AOL is a Internet noob.
by C. Clarus April 25, 2004
A very common trojan disquised as an isp. Once a computer is infected, it will run extremely slow, it's internet will crash and the computer will crash shortly afterwards.
Damn AOL.
by Bugkid February 29, 2004
-a crappy isp for low lifes
-they give you 1000 hours of online time dedicated for loading the first "welcome" page
-america off line
-a good source of cds to shoot/constucth things/melt/or anything else
-forget buying clay pigons, i just use aol cds
-aol cds can be used for coasters
-aol cds can be used to reflect light in someones eyes
by none July 17, 2004
AOL is a fucking joke, every now and again you will see this in the Quality Control box...

"I am a lawyer representing the company which this individual has said untruthful statements against. I am recommending you remove all anti-AOL, as a matter of fact all AOL, America Online, or any other names people come up with or within 14 days I will be placing a lawsuit against this website for closure due to slander against the AOL company. AOL did not request this, they had enough employees..."
Dear moron posing as an AOL lawyer:

Do you honestly think AOL cares about this dictionary? This site allows people to express free speach, DUH!

To all people who use Urban

If you see this moron posting the above, then simply say "IT STAYS." Don't let this fuckwad bully us out of free speech!
by druss01uk October 08, 2004
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