absolutely the most lame and useless form of "internet" around. Quite often, people on this isp get booted for no reason, and without warning.
"Oh oh, it's starting to rain know what that means,don't you? ....that's right, any second now A-O-HELL will boot me off..."
by Miss Boobs November 14, 2003
AoL, short for Archers of Loaf
AoL is mad crazy man!
by Zorlock April 25, 2005
An Odd Lemur sent me a metal box which I used to store my good CDs. I played frisbee with An Odd Lemur disk
by Mangledbabyducks June 04, 2003
Ass Off Limits. When a girl is taken.
"You shouldn't hit on that girl. She's AOL. Her man will kick your ass."
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
an ISP with great chatrooms (even ones you can create) and where u cam make friends.....better than yahoo where applets have to be loaded to just get into a chatroom. aol chatrooms just comes right up.
im on aol all day either talking in the chatrooms or on urban dictionary
by jackson, j May 02, 2006
A ISP which is very underated, it's not THAT bad, and I think it's pretty fast. Also, has a lot of free features. One drawback is that it's very overpriced, but I just keep re-signing up on the free trial deals :).
Person 1: I get free Internet
Person 2: How?
Person 1: Just keep signing-up to the AOL free trial disks :)
Person 2: Fucking awesome
by COF2 January 02, 2006
I am a lawyer representing the company which this individual has said untruthful statements against. I am recommending you remove all anti-AOL, as a matter of fact all AOL, America Online, or any other names people come up with or within 14 days I will be placing a lawsuit against this website for closure due to slander against the AOL company. AOL did not request this, they had enough employees...
Lol stfu u nuub suckers
by dude December 22, 2004
AOL is probably the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) around, people who have not experienced other ISP's are ungreatful because they just don't know how easy they have it with AOL. Now that AOL has been lowering their prices, it is even better. I have been on AOL since version 2.5 and I've loved it every since...yes, I have tried other Internet Service Providers, but I kept coming back to AOL because none of them could compare. Why do you think everyone on here that complains about AOL, is infact, still using AOL? It's because they're addicted to AOL's ease of use, and it's graphically appealing GUI. Why don't they try getting on SBC or something for awhile, I mean.. after all, it is a lot cheaper. 2 weeks of experiencing SBC and they'll be back on AOL in a flash. AOL is the best Dialup ISP around, I have broadband and I'm still using AOL! Why don't guys just go get another ISP, or just stop complaining!
AOL is probably the best ISP around.
by Bob February 17, 2005
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