AoE, meaning 'Age of Empires', a game published by Microsoft in the late nineties. The game revolved around the ancient civilisations of the world.
Ah, fuck it! They done gone killed my phalanxes. :(
by Meh. October 21, 2003
Top Definition
Area of Effect

In EverQuest 2 this is an attack or spell that upon casting affects the entire area around the caster within a certain radius.
Damnit, I AOE'd and aggroed another mob!
by Jessi L. August 26, 2006
Anagram for:

Apple of Enlightenment (an object in the video game Earthbound)

Age of Empires (Game series by Microsoft)

Area of Effect (self explanitory)
by Evan September 21, 2003
Short way of stating the video game "Age of Empires".
The Ottoman Empire pwns in AoE III.
by ElementNineteen January 06, 2007
All or Everything.
Dawaun Parker and Phil Beaudreau #AoE
by morethan1chain October 29, 2013
The crowded channel with a lot of history on known for it's many names and history, which eventually split into both aoe and SDS (see "SDS")

The real and true meaning of "aoe" is Angel Of Eternity, a nickname givin to the creator of the channel.

Other rumors include Age Of Empires, and Annihalate, Obliterate, Erraticate (what the archons of the game Starcraft say when clicked multiple times).
Go to channel aoe after this game.
Meet me in aoe
Welcome to channel aoe.
by shutupdangit August 13, 2003

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