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A group of gays who drink and fuck together.
Man I'm horny and wanna drink. Now i could go to a AoD meet to get those needs fixed.
by Gaylord Foker February 04, 2003
Abbreviation for "Afraid of Dick"

Usually referring to a girl who is nervous or afraid to give hand jobs, blow jobs, or play with a dick.
John: Hey Cindy, you wanna do somethin? ..Handjob maybe?
Cindy: Uhh.. I have to go. I'll call you later! *thinks: Oh gah I wish I wasn't AOD!* -runs-
by Penis Love September 28, 2006
Army Of Darkness
AOD = Army Of Darkness......simple! ;b
by The Violet January 20, 2009
An acronym for Anime Obsession Disorder. Used to describe a person who is overly obsessed with anime. An AOD patient is similar to an Otaku, except AOD patients usually have some social skills.
1. I Have AOD (100% TRue)

2. AOD can be spread through simple speech or veiwing of a single anime.

3. Symptoms of AOD include: Watching of many anime, downloading anime music, hosting/going to cosplay parties, Main topic of conversation is anime, attempting to learns Japanese, Being able to understand this without a translator: Anime wa sugoi desu!, drawing of anime characters, developing a list of "Hot Anime Characters", Adapting the habits of some anime characters, playing anime videogames, eating with chopsticks regularly.
by Sasukefanx12 July 30, 2008
a kick ass group of pirates !
when u won a release against AMN you are aodsih
by pornoking September 10, 2003
A male/female that is member of this gaybeer club that nolife alot and also... ... ... DRINK alot!
And the best part would be the attitude they have 'booze, mohaa and pissing ppl off'
I agree with him, though he is an aod
by gheeyloord February 05, 2003
these guys are so badass...that people have put time and effort in designing web pages wholly to discredit them...they make the illuminati look like a brownies meeting
Witness:"They hurt him,no dont make me think about it anymore!...he hurts...."
by lod January 10, 2004