AOA is jst ass on ass sex. u rub vigorously until both participants are tired. sum times one tries to wedge one of his butt cheeks up the other's ass, but this is rpoven tpo b a difficult feat.
dude tht perv kid in our grade hu plays lacrosse and halo 2 alot jst invented AOA, which is AOA sex. this kid is a sexual deviant. i mean he does 96 like 12 times a day.
by fucksoid March 08, 2005
Top Definition
Age of attraction.
Liza Minelli is way beyond my "AOA"
by uriel81 August 09, 2008
"Alive On Arrival"
contrary to DOA
when you are safe and sound just after someone tried to bump you off
when you survive, get by
gotta thank God, A.O.A ma'fukkas !!!

by Swoopa February 26, 2009
AOA (Ace of Angels). A new kpop group that debuted in 2012. Their lead track Elvis is so cheaty cheaty!

They are the first group to experiment with being both a band and a dance group.

Members include Jimin, Seolhyun, Hyejeong, Mina, Yuna, Choa, Chanmi, and drummer, Y.
AOA can both dance and play the instruments!
by Emperor of Pandaland August 17, 2012
Acronym for "all of a sudden"
"Sorry, I couldn't reply because something came up aoas."
by Shifer May 13, 2005
AOA stands for after orgasm affection. First heard in "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas" Season 1 Episode 7 "The Plunge" by Rob, husband to bridezilla Remy.
I figured since the other guys need help in those areas, I’d work along and I introduced them to the term: AOA. That stands for after orgasm affection. Don’t just roll over and sleep or get up and go make a sandwich. You gotta hug your wife, cuddle with her, show her some affection. Most girls love that, so I’m hoping I inspired some of the other guys to try it out.
by Bridezillas July 19, 2013
After Orgasm Affection. The act of cuddling after sex.
Now that we're finished it's time for some AOA!
by Tayyyytay March 28, 2014
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