A reference to the Bum-Bum, Anus, Ass, Brown-Eye, etc.
Stick that shit up in the AO!
by Gringey Jam March 05, 2005
AO = All Out. Its the hip new slang way of saying All Out. It was made popular when Ethan of HG added it to his vocabulary. And now all the cool kids at school are saying it.
"Dude, that move was f*cking AO!!! You shot them all in their faces."
by The Most Hated January 20, 2005
Alliance Ownz. The Alliance is better than The Horde.
Alliance Ownz = AO AO AO!
by Ninjarokku March 13, 2008
A person who is extremely hostile, and prone to attacks by religious fundamentalists and football players.

AO's are usually bald and lonely, and prone to fits of rage (See: Maldy Agre).
"Why hello AO, have you seen the new religion topic?"

by Polaris December 10, 2003
All Over. When someone is clingy towards another person, esp. when the other person isn't interested.
I saw Jimmy the other day down at Rock-ola and his ex was AO. She was pathetic.
by ghost July 31, 2003
a person whose favorite activities include going to the gym, playing tennis, binging/purging, and cruising men's restrooms at UCLA
the guy in the sleeveless pink muscle tee blew AO through the glory hole
by lb627 November 14, 2006
Arresting Officer
"How was getting arrested this time?"
"Not too bad, had a nice AO for once."
by TheLazySmurf November 28, 2014

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