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Bogus super hero (see SNL)
by CFD November 06, 2003
A person that loves to encrypt things and annoy others.
<Antman>That says i roxx
<Antamn>Shorty is fagg.
by Some dude July 22, 2003
Something that does/or doesnt have something to do/or not do with an ant and/or a man.
by Shorty87 July 22, 2003
A person who is Half Man, Half Ant.
by AntmanMike July 22, 2003
someone who shop lifts 10x his body weight in meat, booze an sweets
bob: ok lets see what everyone got i only got these burgers

paul: i got some rolls an sweets

gary: haha is that all ive got sweets, vodka, gamon, bacon, burgers, sausages and some ketchup

bob: bloody hell gary your a proper ant man we can have a phat cook up now..

tom: do ya know were i can get some cheap meat?

bob: you need to see gary he's a bloody ant man when it comes to cheap goods
by dave daved February 04, 2010
a retard that doesnt know wut a waterspout is....
I'm Antman, and you shouldnt call a waterspout a waterspout, cuz a waterspout isnt a waterspout, its a tornado
by Kingbling July 23, 2003
Mother fucking badass.
Newfag: Dude Who is that?
Oldfag: Dude! Thats mother fucking ant-man! Holy shit!
by Badass568521 May 16, 2011