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Derived from "Ass Kickin' Good," an adjectival phrase originated at Yat's Restaurant in Indianapolis, IN.
"This party is off the hook! It's AKG, man!"
by SSS46254 July 13, 2009
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A Austria manufacturer that makes ones of the most excellent audio equipment in the world, including headphones like K501 and K1000 and microphones.
A well-known example is that the live recording of the Bei-jing Turrandot concert was under the usage of AKG peofessioal mixers and microphones.
AKG K271S will be my next favorite headphone.
by b4283 July 09, 2004
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An abbreviation for "ass kickin good." Usage is equivalent to the adjective "awesome."
This home-brew beer is AKG!
by sss-rs July 13, 2009
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One hairy mothafucka.

A teenager who grows a wispy beard.
Yo, did you see that AKG man, he is one hairy mothafucka!
by ELWANKUSPANKUS September 04, 2003
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