The gun which replaced the akm (upgraded ak-47) in the mid 70's in the soviet armed forces.
Cartridge: 5.45x39mm
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Fire modes: safe-semi auto-full auto
Action: long stroke gas piston
The 5.45x39 is much faster and more accurate then the ak-47 7.62x39. The ak-74 also has a muzzle brake which allows it to have the lease amount of recoil of any assualt rifle.
The ak-74 is more reliable then the ak-47 because it has a bigger shell extractor.
A little know fact about the 5.45x39 is that it still has quite a bit of stopping power. When the 5.45x39 hits anything it immidiatly flips around, leaving a nasty wide hole in the target. This is quite unlike the m-16's 5.56x45 and the ak-47's 7.62x39 rounds as they just pencil right thru flesh leaving a small hole.

The ak-74 has been used by the russians since 1990 in the form of the ak-74m.

Other varients:

U=shortened S=folding stock
aks-74: folding stock varient
aks-74u Krinkov: folding stock and short barrel
ak-74m: current issue russian rifle, polymer furniture instead of wood and has a folding stock
ak-74u- a varient that is only found in video games, if this gun did exist then it would have a short barrel but no folding stock.
The ak-74 is a rifle not a submachine gun

A way to tell the ak-74 and the ak-47 apart is that the ak-74 has an almost straight magazine and the ak-47 mag is shaped like a bannana
The ak-74 is lighter, more accurate, has more stopping power, and has less recoil then the ak-47
by jimijimi December 22, 2011
A variant of the most popular rifle built by the legendary Mikhail Kalashnikov.
The AK-74 is basically an AK chambered for the 5.45x39mm round, which is supposed to be similar to the 5.56x45mm NATO round that America and its allies use in their assault rifles (such as the M16 series and M4 carbine); as opposed to the AK-47 being chambered in the 7.62x39mm round. Reports indicate that this rifle is less accurate than the M16, but because the AK-74 doesn't have so many inner moving parts, it is easy to disassemble and maintain.

On another note, the AK-74, like its cousin '47, is a commonly blackmarketted weapon by various terrorist factions, mostly in third world nations like Arabia.
"On another note, because of terrorists blackmarketting his weapons, Mr. Kalashnikov is upset about inventing the AK-47, so much that he, supposedly, said, 'I wish I invented a lawnmower....*sniff*'. Naw it's not YOUR fault, beloved commie. lol "
by Dave January 30, 2004
A gun frequently used by Pakis but the Russians made it
guy1: they all has AK's
guy2: lemme guess they were all Pakis
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
A large gun supplier nationally known for there sales of the Ak-74 hence the name. Mainly located in the Chicago area but also present in Austin and other mid-west cities.
Ak-74 supplied the guns for the shooting.
by Ak-369 July 13, 2008
aint in that game bitch. Info that dude cut 'n' pasted is accurate.
The weapon you usually see terrorists and pretty much every middle eastern or african military / para-military group carrying around like they the ass is the AK-47, the most commonly produced automatic rifle in history, used by them cos they poor.
Bin Laden rammed his AK firmly up George W.'s Ass.
by Gwando November 09, 2003
no info realy exept i saw it in RED FACTION 2 the game.
i shot the asshole with my AK-74.
by killaz 99 August 11, 2003
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