Obviously it is B 4 1( cs 1.5 ) B 4 2 ( cs 1.6 ). A great gun against B 4 3 ( colt ). Very poopular to many cs players.
Yea, i was playing AIM_AK-COLT and there was a bunch of AK-47s on one said and M4A1's on the other side
by joe schmoe March 26, 2005
A usually black and brown assualt rifle.Rappers often use this gun to describe killing.
I give MCs the runs drippin', when I throw my clip in the AK, (ak 47) I sway from far away, everybody hit the d.e.c.k-Biggie Smalls
by jose 11220 February 07, 2009
a semi-automatic rifle used mostly by West coast gangsta rapers who also like to mention it in their songns and glorify it along with pussies, drugs, homeboyzz and the rest of that shit.
90% of afro americans aka "Niggaz" own at least one pice of AK-47
by SickFaceMuthafucka July 16, 2006
a strong type of weed thats the shit 2 smoke and u can not make a strain of weed with coke in it its impossible
yo me homie got sum ak47 got me high all night
by tom hirst August 04, 2005
This name is given to only the coolest of rulers as in things you measure thing with.

Sometimes shortened to AK
Yo! David, can I borrow your AK
by Arunyath April 30, 2005
A wildly inaccurate, excessively loud assault rifle originally from Russia but is now a soiled piece of !@#$ thanks to a couple crazy arab terrorists. Commonly confused with the smaller, AK-74(SU)
Boy, you've gone through ten clips, and you still can't hit that cow from 100 yards with that AK-47.
by Doraemon1210 April 25, 2005
A beautiful strain of the best plant in the world.
Wow man I got really baked from that AK 47.
by Slie December 11, 2003
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