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A Automactic Rifle Made By the Soveit Union that Chambers a 7.62mm by 39mm
in a 30 Round magizine.
AK has made 100s of Firearms based off Some Say the Ak-47 is Just the German Made STG-44 Machine Gun which fired a 7.92 by 31 mm
The Ak-47 Mowes
by pipewoofer January 15, 2004
16 30
one nasty ass assault rifle
ok, we drive by their crib n fuck em up with the AK - 47s

by OG big K August 06, 2008
4 19
The coolest gun ever will never jam and costs like $25 dollars in Somalia. If u see One for sale BUY IT
M16 dude:M16 is better than AK-47
Me: bullcrap *squirt water on the m16*
M16 dude:hey it's gonna jam now*tries to shoot me but his m16 explodes and kills him*
Me: haha that's what you get for talkin smack to the AK!!!!!!
by [[AK-47]] May 15, 2010
15 35
The AK-47 is, in actuality, a rather rare and obscure prototype weapon designed by Mikhail Kalashnakov, a former WWII tank commander. Most of the AK-47's design features are 'borrowed' from the German SturmGewehr (Storm Rifle)-44/45 models. The AK-47 was built in limited production at the Izmash production plant. The initials AK stand for Avtomat Klashnakova, or Kalashnakov's automatic rifle. The AK-47, unlike it's more modern and well known counterpart, the AKM, was made from machined steel, ensuring enduring reliability in any combat situation, while still retaining it's accuracy. The AKM, however, is a Modernized version of the AK, chambered in the 5.45x39mm micro-caliber, and is made entirely from stamped steel, letting it keep it's reliability, at the cost of accuracy. The only non-steel parts are the bakelite handle, and wooden stock and wooded handguard. More modern variants of the AK series include the AK-74, PP-19 Bizon SMG, AKS-74, AK-101, AK-103, AK-109, and most recently the AEK-971. All of these weapons, excluding the AEK, and AK-10X series are made from stamped, rather than precision machined steel, for mass production. This ensures reliablility, and absolutely horrendous accuracy.
The wannabe gangster held up his rifle, and shouted "Dis be mah AK-47!", when in actuality, he was holding an AKM.
by Joe2.0 January 19, 2010
9 30
a highly over rated weapon. it does have high power but it is inaccurate and has a tendency to jam. easily outmatched by the M4A1. the AK47, however costs less and therefore is more widely used.
the terrorit pulled the trigger of his battered AK47 as he approached the Marine but it was jammed:"Click Click" the Marine then pulled out his M4 and blew the head of the terrorist
by jack kick ass bauer March 02, 2008
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ak47 made in 1947..duh
a gun used by russians commys and terrorists..
very unaccurate
very old
very shit (still wins wars though :~( .....)
and Ira use em
hey that dam terrorist is fucking shootin my with an ak pop that mother fucker.......i fuckin hate ak47s
by confires February 27, 2008
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The AK 47 uses the 7.62x39mm assault rifle round. Several of the definitions below have glaring errors. Firstly the AK47 was one of a new breed of weapon invented by the germans at the end of WWII but never fielded in any great number. The assault rifle uses a cut down rifle bullet in a short rifle cartridege case. This is different than a true carbine that fires a pistol bullet in a scaled up cartride case through a short rifle. This was a new concept meant to provide infantry with a lighter weapon and ammo than the full size battle rifles of the day, without the loss of power assosciated with carbines or SMG's. The russians fielded the german assault rifles in a heavily modified design, using the cartride invented by the germans almost immediately following the war. There is ZERO relationship of the 7.62mm assault rifle round to the 7.62 rounds used by snipers. The American 7.62x51mm "308 Winchester" is almost twice the size and weight of an AK round, and the Soviet Block 7.62x54Rmm "Mosin Nagant" the standard eastern block round, is een bigger. The American adoption of the 5.56x45mm round during the Vietnam war was the result of scientific analysis of engagements during Korea and Vietnam. The range of the full size battle round was unecessary, so the Americans adopted the assault rifle concept taking it an evolutionary step further with a smaller higher velocity round. This was the underapreciated genius of Eugene Stoner. The Russians followed suit shortly after with the AK74 which is mechanically identical to the AK47 but chambered in the 5.45x39 round. Incidetally through no accident the casual design tolerances of the AK74 allow it to fire the American 5.56 round for short periods should the need arise. The M-16 series has tolerances far to tight to allow this. In the future if your going to write a definition try to know what you are talking about.
Snipers use battle rifles like the Druganov, and M-21,not assault rifles like the AK 47. Only a moron would make that mistake.
by The Final Say October 13, 2007
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