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Nickname of Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko. His initials are AK and his jersey number is 47, so his nickname is AK47. Maybe the coolest nickname in the NBA.
You see that story about AK47's wife letting him cheat on her once a year?
by J-Smoove March 09, 2006
The Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyj Model 1947 (AK47 or AKM47) is the most widespread (although not most produced: That is the M16) weapon in the modern world. It fires the extremely powerful 7.62x39mm SOVIET ammunition at 600 RPM. The standard magazine is a curved, black, machine-grooved curved magazine that contains 30 rounds, although 40 round box, 75 & 100 round drum magazines are also avaliable. It is very famous for it's role in today's videogames. Battlefield Vietnam has it, Battlefield 2 has a newer version of it, America's army has it, Counter-Strike has it, a lot of Rainbow Six's terrorists have it, etc. The AK47 is most likely the second most influential gun of all time, the first being the german StG 44, which looks quite similar and has similar statistics to an AK. The AK47 is so widespread as it is extremely reliable and tough, you can beat people with it and almost completely ignore maintenance and it'll work fine, unlike the M16, which constantly jams and is very hard to clean. It has a fairly fast rate of fire at 600 rounds per minute (RPM) and fires an extremely powerful round with better baslistics than most other rounds. It is cheap and easy to make, unlike the M16 which isn't. The only real drawback is that it's very heavy, at over 4.3 kg for the AK, and 3.14 kg for the AKM.

The AK47 was made by Mikhail Kalashnikov. When Kalashnikov was in hospital from a wound during World War II, he started developing and making plans and designs for small arms. In 1944 he was assigned to the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant where he developed a gas-operated semi-automatic carbine. 45-46, he made an assault rifle using this design, and submitted the AK46 as it was then known, to Soviet army trials. 46-47 he redesigned it and submitted it again in 1947. It was officially adopted in 1949, and chrisened the AK47. In 1974, the Russian military adopted a new assault rifle, the AK74 or AKS74U as it was later known, which fired 5.45x39mm round. Although it was adopted by Russian infantry, the AK47 is still used by Special Forces, and many Warsaw pact countries and even terrorist groups. A video was published featuring Osama Bin Laden with an AK47. It is in many movies, games, and books. The Ak47 is most likely the best assault rifle of all time. It was also one of the first. It is reliable, powerful, with a good rate of fire. It has somewhat moderate recoil, but it fires with surgical accuracy on semi-auto and the first 2-3 shots of full-auto. It was used by the Vietcong in the Vietnam War. American soldiers, seeing the superior rifle, tossed away their M16s and picked up AK47s. The peace of mind brought by a more powerful round and bigger magazines and almost zero possibility of it jamming was quickly eliminated by the possibility of being shot by friendlies due to the distinct sound.

7.62x39 mm
Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
870 mm in length
Barrel 415 mm in length
AK 4,3 kg; AKM 3,14 kg in weight
Magazine capacity 30 rounds (40 rounds box magazines and 75-100 rounds drums are also used
Cyclic rate of fire 600 rounds per minute
About 300-400 meters maximum effectiveness

Variants include

Inspired guns include
RPK Light MG
RPD Light MG
Saiga-12 shotgun
Type 97
Galil ARM
With many others

AK47 is also an expression for quality drugs, mainly marijuana.
The main terrorist rifle in counter-strike is the Ak47.

If you smoke too much AK47, you'll be able to fly! (Yeah right, bub.)
by Calibre666 March 05, 2006
Russian assault rifle, NOT MACHINE GUN, invented around 1947. Many models followed in its footsteps. It chambers a 7.62mm x 39mm round, Russian. (NATO 7.62s are 7.62mm x 45mm I believe.)

Avtomat Kalashnikov 47 is its full name. Real gangsters would use AK-47s, while the new age ones would use just 9mm. Guns that look like it star in many action games or movies, and it would even make appearances on TV shows.

One needs a class 3 license to legally own one of these AK-47s, unless its modified for semi-auto only. You can legally hunt with a semi-auto AK-47, since it does use a standard hunting round. (7.62mm). Rumor has it, it costs 300 dollars to buy one in the USA, but only like 40 U$D to buy it in Russia.

An example of a descendent of the AK47 would be the AK-74, which chambers a 5.45mm x 39mm round. I questioned around why Russians were so obsessed with making smaller bullets (even their 7.62 is smaller than NATO rounds), one response was "its cheaper. We Russians are poor."
AK-47 is a popular gun, carried from gangs to elite terrorist factions. It is also a very effecient assault rifle, but has a lot of kickback, because of the fact that its a sniper round. (7.62 is used in many snipers, and hunting rifles).
by The Dragon Slayer August 05, 2005
Russian pron. Avtomat Kalashnikova, obretza 1947 goda.
English: Automatic Kalashnikov, model (of) 1947 (year).

1. Gas-operated, piston-driven, rotating-bolt, air-cooled, select-fire rifle, fed by means of a detatchable 30-round box magazine designed by Sergeant Mikail Kalashnikov circa 1945-46. Submitted to the Soviet Army Ordnance Board for trial in 1947 and introduced to the Soviet Army in 1949. Very few actual AK-47 rifles still exist; most Kalashnikovs are the AKM (Russian pron. Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyj obretza 1959 goda. English: Automatic Kalashnikov, Modernised, model of 1959);

2. Popular usage: any Kalashnikov rifle or LMG.
"The AK-47 is the most widely proliferated assault rifle in the world, with an estimated 90 million units having been made since 1949."
by RCEME Rat February 17, 2006
Developed in the late 1940's by the soviets with design inspiration from the German MP44,the AK47 Kalashnikov is the world's most common military arm.Chambered for the 7.62x39mm round,it fires from a closed bolt,is gas operated,select fire,and is fed via a 30 round detachable box magazine,as well as drums of various capacity.Although not notably accurate at longer distances,the AK47 is extremely dependable and easily maintained.
The AK47 is so easy to disassemble and maintain,that any idiot can be trained to use one.
by Testicules Popsofolot March 14, 2003
Most retarded morons say the AK shoots the 7.62 and relate it to the 7.62x51mm NATO, which is used as a sniping round, hunting round and light or heavy machine gun round.

The AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova, or "Automatic Kalashnikov") uses the 7.62x39mm Soviet round, first fielded in the Russian light machine gun, the RPD. The purpose of using "intermediate" rounds like the 7.62x39mm, the 5.56x45mm, and the 5.45x39.5mm is to reduce the weight that a soldier carries into battle or to increase the amount of ammunition the soldier can carry. A 7.62x39mm round weighs less than half the weight of the Russian standard power rifle round, the 7.62x54mmR. Thus, by switching to the smaller round, a soldier can carry more ammunition and thus produce more kills. The smaller round also has less recoil and makes less noise and flash when fired from shorter weapons.

The AK-47 was invented by Mikhail T. Kalashnikov, originally, in 1945. Kalashnikov was a Russian tank commander who was wounded in WWII. During his recovery, he studied automatic weapons such as the MP-40, the StGw-44, the PPSh, and basically any automatic weapon he could get his hands on. He submitted his design to the Russian high command in 1945. It underwent several improvements to make it cheaper and faster to produce, and was finally approved in 1947. Full scale mass production started in 1949.

The AK-47 uses a system of operation known as "Rotating bolt, long stroke recoil" system. It is called "long stroke" because the gas piston is attached to the bolt carrier, and moves all the way back with the bolt carrier and all the way foreward with it. For comparison, the SKS rifle uses the short-stroke style of operation, where the gas piston moves back only around a centimeter before hitting the op-rod (operating rod), which then hits the bolt carrier, unlocking it.

The "rotating bolt" part comes from how the bolt locks into the weapon. Some guns, like the SKS, have the bolt lock into the reciever. This is a decent form of operation, but the reciever must be made of a strong matereal to support the pressure against the bolt when firing. A stronger reciever is more expensive and takes longer to make. Thus, the AK-47 uses a rotating bolt system of operation, where the bolt locks around the barrel. Since the reciever is under much less strain during firing, it can be made of cheaper, thinner matereal and can be stamped instead of milled.

The AK-47 is extremely reliable because it has loose tolerances. Because of this, dirt and oversized rounds of ammunition will almost never stop it, and also, loose tolerances mean that replacement parts can be obtained from practically any source and work. However, loose tolerances also mean less accuracy.

The AK-47 is simple, reliable, and durable.

Weight: Fixed stock variant, 9 pounds.
Barrel length: 16.3 inches.
Ammunition type: 7.62x39mm Soviet
Firing rate: 700 rounds per minuite (fully automatic variants)
Magazine capacity: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55. Drums can be had in 75 and 100 round capacities.

Over time, the AK has advanced and become used in almost every role possible. An AK used in the Light Machine Gun role is the RPK-47 or RPK-74. An AK used in the sniping role (and chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, 8mm, or 7.62x54mmR) is the Romanian PSL or Yugoslavian M-76. An AK used in the Personal Defense Weapon role is the AKS-74U, seen carried by Bin-Laden. An AK used in the pistol role is usually called an AKP, most models of which are made in America for the civilian market in semi-automatic mode.
Hey my AK-47 may be semi-automatic but I can bump-fire a 30 round magazine in 4 seconds.
by SuperFly7.62 February 26, 2006
While not the first assualt rifle, arguably the best. Unlike the M-16, which requires constant cleaning, the AK-47 has few moving parts that do not get fouled easily.
The AK-47 was not entirely a Russian design
by Big B December 19, 2004