a shortened form of "ask"

Yo homie let me ak you somfin
by Nikotine May 06, 2006
a very large and elongated nipple. A nipple so long that it resembles an AK bullet
Damn that bitch has got AK's.
by DJT March 01, 2005
a word to describe the ethnic group that live amongst us (famously used by john upton)
"oi mum,...look at those ak's across the street"
by william knight May 16, 2005
Abbreviation of the band Audio Karate
AK rocks your fuckin socks
by xps April 06, 2005
Short for "Alter kakher"
Yiddish: Old Fart Litterally: One who is so old that he craps his pants.
Oh man, do we REALLY have to go to AK central??
by BioFusion42 September 08, 2004
Avtomat Kalashnikova Obrazets 1947

A russian built rifle chambered for the 7.62x32 cart, Newer models feed a 5.45 round in order to gain a higher velocity. It accept Klinton 10 rounders and stanard 30 round magazines. The origional model is fully automatic.

Other variations are the WASR-10 (Noone knows what this means..), the SAR-1 (Semi-Automatic-Rifle), and the standard AK with removed sedlect fire.
"Omg I liek aks"
"Shut the hell up, your a noob"
by TomSplasky November 19, 2003
asian person. slang or racist comment
look at the ak. what a loser
by bill December 08, 2004

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