A Ak-47, often used for mowing people down or defending one's terf.
"Don't make me bust out the A-K"
by Eaton55 October 12, 2006
A nickname for Auckland, New Zealand.
What's going on in AK tonight?
by mikewho50 March 07, 2010
an abbreviation for the word "awkward"
When I was doing my thing with the girls, one of my ex's showed up and made it ak
by John Hartley August 25, 2007
A hard punch aimed between the stomach and solarplexis in order to shortly knock the wind out of some-one without makng a mark or severly injuring that person. If done correctly, this will really hurt for about 3 seconds before subsideing into a painful memory
If Heartfelt Andy makes you mad, go over and suprise him with an AK
by Jorlan Oogrust March 03, 2005
a very good grade of KB(kind bud). Its called ak b/c of its practicly orange like a ak-47
"nigga this aint some muthfackin kb u get, its some AK, it'll fuckin kill(metaphorically speakin)"
by max ward September 08, 2007
a shortened form of "ask"

Yo homie let me ak you somfin
by Nikotine May 06, 2006
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