Nickname for Akron, OH.
"I'm heading up to the AK for a football game."
by JMclaughlin May 10, 2008
a weapon used for lynching any race that is not white but primarily black men
get out the AK let the lynchin begin
by AKlynchinKKK July 24, 2010
At keyboard, the opposite of afk.
<Ray> Jesus: ak?
<Satan> Jesus isn't here right now, would you like to leave a message?
by Raybdbomb July 10, 2008
weed laced with shroom juice
it is vary vary potent
dude, i got some AK lets smoke it
by thepipemaker November 23, 2007
Usually, a shortened version of a name. Eg. Ashton Kutcher
AK's are usually the most awesome people, that you'll get to know. Friendly, Kind and strong-willed, AK's always persevere.

AK's are really HOT.They are great boyfriends and are wonderful at the boom-boom. Contrary to popular belief, an AK was not the father of Buddha. However, an AK was the father of Rajnikanth.

Usually very understanding, the AK is the best bet for lonely, insecure girls. If you get to meet an AK, do NOT let him go. They are known to be "The Life Of The Party".

Mating calls include, "Who's your daddy?"
God: Finally, it's 2012. These pesky humans must DIE.
AK: NO! Bad boy. Go to your room.
God: But , AK....
AK: GO!!
by Barthemule woof woof April 24, 2011
Ass Kisser
(At work)

Employee 1; Im tired of busting my butt, he tell me to do one more thing I will go off on him...

Employee 2; Oh uh... Here he comes...

Supervisor; I need you to do finish something for me... Ok...

Employee 1; YES SIR...

Employee 2; Dude you're suck a A.K.
by Yoshimaticz October 24, 2010
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