Australian Army slang
Member of Australian Army (Army Jerk)
Not derogatory when used by AJ's,can be derogatory when used by "civvies"
Jeez I hate them AJ's! they always get all the best lookin' bitches
by Greendog December 21, 2006
The small, peverted blondie in you class who hits on every girl even though he is obviously not actually interested in them, but rather enjoys their reactions.
I would like to step on AJ with a pair of cleats
by Definatly Not AJ January 12, 2010
Armpit hanky panky. When a male fucks a female's armpit. (use extra deodorant)
"damn bitch, i was just giving my man an AJ when you called!!"
"that was a really good AJ. You have soft armpit skin.."
by CKG+SBE June 21, 2005
Abbreviation for Average Joe. Most comonly a male who cares more about having sex then he does about his girlfriend. It can also be used to describe Females, and it can also be used as other parts of speech.
If you were AJ, you would have taken off my shirt by now.
It is not exactly AJ to kiss after 4 months.
Oh my god, you AJed her !!!
by Flora Regina December 23, 2005
1. Ass Jam

2. breaks things

3. hits stuff

4. punk ass bitch
man that aj kid acts like a real hardass but i heard he is secretly gay with usf kids.
by fuck_aj October 17, 2009
A new level of 'scary', and 'freaky'.
She is as scary as an AJ.
by .jasdgihja July 13, 2009
AJ stands for arm jelly. The fat on the back of many a girl's (or guy's) arm that HURTS LIKE A BITCH when it gets pinched.

Working on building tricep muscles will often eliminate this.
When Alicia pinched my AJ today, tears welled up in my eyes.

That girl's got a LOT of AJ.
by RRRR. June 29, 2008

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