a simply awesome person
Obama is so A.J.!
by ....yaa June 09, 2009
an AJ is a majestic mythical creature that may come in many different forms. They are awe inspiring. You are one lucky dog if you see one within your lifetime... Even luckier if you know one.
"Holy snap I just saw AJ!!"

- "what was it like?"

"Like a majestic white horse galloping across a field of grass on a serene Spring morning."
by el_bato187 March 15, 2011
Apple Juice for short. Like OJ.
Woah! This aj is the f***ing shit!!!!!!
by Tyler D February 24, 2006
1.A hot nerd whos a genius-so ingenius he makes other men cry.
2.A sexy man beast with a great butt.
3. The name your girlfriend screams during intercourse-if its your name or not.
1. "Dude Mark is such an A.J he made me cry-hes soo smart."
2." Oh my god did you see his butt, he is such an A.J"
3. "So last night my girlfriend shouted 'OH A.J! The problem is thats not my name..."
by Pepper_Moto March 15, 2010
A.J is a slang that started in Maple, Ontario, Canada that means "Vodka". Similar to the slang for Marijuana (M.J)
"Where can I find some A J?"
"Sorry, I am all out of A J"
"wtf lcbo dosent sell A J wtf"
by superman666 January 30, 2006
commonly known as "apple juice"
Robert: Yo, Nathan, pass me some of that A.J.
by nukerdude June 12, 2008
a uncontrollable Filipino guy who bangs any girl he sees...

short, muscular, chest of steal.

a great gentlemen, and never mean

Aj is every girls dream guy
commonly used when girl sees a hot guy...

"wow look at the Aj."
"I wish i can be an Aj."
by Aj! whoo July 10, 2008

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