An acronym for Aviation Intercourse Management. This is a common area of study, or minor for pilots. Many colleges require at least 6 credit hours of AIM classes for graduation and private pilot certification.
Sam- "I had to take the AIM course AGAIN because I couldn't pass the final. I wasn't able to perform cunnilingus while charting my IFR"
Anonymous- "daaaammmnnnn"
#sexual aviation favors #sexual aviation gestures guide #sexual aviation exemplification #national resource for aviation activities #in-flight past times
by Ca'nCaveman June 20, 2009
AIM= AOL instant messenger. Once you've downloaded it; it gives you're computer lots of spyware.

It is also known for having lots of bots in the chatrooms which advertise sex & pornography.

Make a mental note that may people have multiple screennames and they usually make up fake names, emails, and ages when they sign up for one. Therefore it is wise not to trust people.

Another known issue is the idiots who have there aways messages up for 2 or 3 days at a time. Defeats the purpose doesn't it?
John: Hey, I just got AIM!!
Bob: You just got loaded with spyware too, dumbass.
#sn #aol #spyware #aim #chatrooms #bots
by bang_zoom January 23, 2006
these are my innitials. or it could be aol instant messenger.
A.I.M., Alexandra Isabel Miller, is my name.
#innitials #aol #girl #bitch #blonde
by alexisfred August 02, 2007
koolest friend ever and cracks me up lol love ya aims
by carli August 12, 2003
Asians in Mafia. Consisting of various members. Also consists of sub-group the Tri-Lateral Commision or Tri-Lat. Rival group is know as MIA with no particular definition except being the opposite of AIM.
It's the Aay Iey eM baybeeee! AIM is coming thru!
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
FUNNY and a kool friend
by carli August 12, 2003
Aol Instant Messenger
Everyone in the world has AIM except for you!
by Hannah August 08, 2003
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