The worst Instant Messanger ever, people only use it because everyone else has AIM, and the reason they do is because everyone else does.
On AIM, our avatars are uber tiny and this program makes my computer run like a turtle . . . with turtleitus.
#aol #instant #messenger #aim #aol instant messenger #im
by FlareNUKE October 09, 2006
Most Popular Instant Messageing program amongst teens that adults and "intelligent people" bash because teens use a lot of aconyms like brb (be right back) or ttyl (talk to you later) now seriously would you want to be writing a four word pharse or just type 4 letters while your probably on the phone and talking to like 5 different people teens jsut dont have think about it
AIM convorsation

Teen: yea ill bbl ttys
Teen2: k cu soon

*parent walks in* "type like a normal person!"
#popular #teens #away messages #people #aol
by whitty41 May 07, 2006
The program created by AOL that is destroying itself; it continues to give features from the premium AOL to the free AIM. Soon there will be no point in using AOL.
AIM now gives free email addresses!
by Clayton K July 21, 2005
Aol (American Online)

Was once popular a few years ago among pre-teens and teens, but has since died down a lot. "Nobody uses AIM anymore" says one of my friends. Many users have not logged on for a year or so now. The alternative today is facebook chat, it is simple and convenient, and no need for screenames or buddy info - just your facebook profile is all you need. AIM was once a big hit but now is just like myspace - the empty network.
Girl A - Hey do you use AIM?
Girl B - No AIM sucks and nobody uses it anymore
Girl A - true, can we talk on fb chat?
Girl B - sure
#aim #facebook #myspace #sucks #empty #ditched
by anonymous 242353466 October 11, 2009
the downfall of society.
pre AIM- Hello sir, how are you doing?

post AIM- fuck you.
#aol #instant messenger #msn #aim #gay #fag #internet
by kevin21boston October 02, 2006
A fun way to talk to friends online.
also a way to have sex without the need for condoms or birth control.
( ;
"did you see my conversation with that girl on AIM?"
"Yeah you had some hot steamy sex on there!"
((my AIM is xx cackyy if ya wanna chat))
( ;
#aim #sexy #sex #fun #hot #cyber sex
by cackyyy May 30, 2009
An instant messenger service used to communicate between people who are too scared to get on the phone and call eachother.
xxlifesuxxx: wanna go sit at the mall and show our apathy towards the world ?
xXnote to selfXx: Yeah, don't forget to bring the eyeliner.
xxlifesuxxx: okay, i'll AIM you when i get done putting on my size 00 pants from forever 21.
#emo #aim #messenger #communication #talk
by aylaprncss April 24, 2006
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