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Stands for AOL Instant Messenger. An Instant Messenging service launched by AOL. They add AIMbots to your buddy list such as 'Moviefone' or 'SmarterChild'. It can be used to IM(instant message) with your friends, or even close relatives. It could even bring the family together.

1. qtgurl1122 has signed on.
hayleeangel17: hey gabs.
qtgurl1122: hey haylee.
hayleeangel17: so r u goin 2 the bowling alley w/ me, terra, and jim 2nite?
qtgurl1122: cant, my mom sayz i hav 2 babysit my lil sis an her friend 2nite.
hayleeangel17: o, that sux. well, u cn still go 2 da mall 2morow w/ me, sarah, and mimi, rite?
qtgurl1122: oh ya!! i hav no plans 2morrow, i cant wait!!!
hayleeangel17: neither cn i. so, c u round,bye!
qtgurl1122: kk, c u 2morrow, bye!!!

2. ambergirlie224: brandon!!!!
cooldude123: yeah?
ambergirlie224: dad wants tlk 2 u, NOW!!!
cooldude123: aw man, wat is it this time??? k, im gunna IM him right now.

cooldude123: dad, u wanted 2 c me?
number1dad: yes, son, but also your mom wants to talk to you.
cooldude123: aw no, y??
number1dad: it is about your 'run away' attempt.
cooldude123: o no.
number1dad: i'm going to invite you into a chatroom room with your mom, and you better say yes mister!!

'number1dad has invited you to chatroom 891102847658.'
'you are now in chatroom 891102847658 with number1dad and mom4eva.'

mom4eva: brandon!!! i cant believe you tried to run away to your friend's birthday party!!
cooldude123: but mom! it was da party of the year!!
mom4eva: in SAN FRANSISCO??!!!
number1dad: you never even told us!
cooldude123: i thought you would say no!!!
would u???
mom4eva: what do YOU think?? it was your great-grandma's birthday!! she was 102!!! and we had to cancel because we couldn't find you!!!
cooldude123: well srry!!
number1dad: you're in big trouble, mister! grounded for 3 weeks. No TV, no computer!
cooldude123: but, but...
number1dad: want to make it a month?
cooldude123: nvm.
'cooldude123 has left the chatroom.'

cooldude123: sis?
ambergirlie224: ya, bro?
cooldude123: mom and dad r weird.
ambergirlie224: i no they r, i mean, wut mom wud spell 'ever' as 'eva'??? thats only 4 teens!!
by funnyfunmonkey August 05, 2008
27 7
Something that commonly contains many other aim names, but are also commonly rarely talked to.
Person: I have 126 names in my aim buddy list, but only chat with 5 of them on a regular basis. The rest, however, barely if ever.
by Katopolis December 22, 2004
16 14
AIM stands for "A Terrible Executable That Will Kill Teenagers' English Skills."

...not directly of course, LOL!*



***I can't stop using AIM chat.. LMFAO!
God, why did you give us fucking AIM?!
by Your name: July 29, 2004
29 27
the program sent from hell. allows for conversation containing that which one may never say in real life, thus creating the fakest of fake relationships. Also is the source of savvy language so lame it is sad. (e.g. gtg my bff, jk but brb, i gtg rotf cuz lol im lmao now ttyl ttfn.)
aim can suck on it, long and hard
by Turd Furgeson October 09, 2003
19 17
Instant messanger service and software.

The software sucks. Don't download it. It runs as slow as a turtle and displays all kinds of ads and contains spyware. Use Trillian instead to prevent frustration and viruses.
SHIT. AIM comes with Viewpoint Media Player. Aw crap more popups.
by 1069 October 24, 2005
25 24
A chat prog that every teen seems to have. Most AIM chat rooms talk about:

-sup! a/s/l/pic
-IM a hott age/sex, press ## if you want to chat
teen 1: Dude! catch ya on AIM
teen 2: K Dude

by dot dot dot July 13, 2003
16 15
The worst IMing service, also the end of the world. Has shredded the english language to pieces. Basically porn central and the rape habitat. Worse than 4chan's /b/. Better alternatives: Google Chat, Yuuguu.
b0bd43p1kr4pp4r: 1m@ r4p3 j00 n40\/\/!!!1!11!
Smart Person: Auuughh!!!! AIM F**KING SUCKS!
*blocks, then quits AIM*
*joins Gchat*
Much better!
by TheLuigiRocks October 15, 2010
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used by many teens to talk when they don't want to give out there numbers on myspace.
Boy:hey wassup sexy. do u have a number so i can call.

Girl:srry i don't give my number out to ppl on myspace. but yhu can have my aim sexyprincess3434

Boy:cool mine is jayrock_boy9800

when they get on aim

sexypricess3434:hey.! its the girl from myspace

jayrock_boy9800:wassup sexy.
by minne. April 11, 2009
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