What most adults blame for ruing today's youth. For I'd like to say that AIM isn't a breeding for pedophiles. You cannot meet people over AIM. Only talk to your friends that you already know their screenname. So, mabe you should learn about it before blaming it.
AIM is a instant messenging program that allows people to communicate without having to hear each other's annoying voice.
Parent: I'm not letting my little Susie on AIM. It's ruining America. It's a breeding ground for pedophiles, just last week a man tryed to assualt her on AIM-
Non-Ignorant Person: Ugh. You lieing. AIM is only a instant messenger, not a chatroom. Mabe your little Susie is just a slut.
by fallengod9 January 26, 2008
By far the worst computer program available, it should be destroyed and never spoken of again. Screwed up my computer and maimed my MSN and Internet Explorer after I installed it. AIM is so shitty compared to MSN and people who use it are hopeless, dickless, ovaryless retards.
Huge Loser: LOL, I LOVE AIM LOL!!!
Person: Shut up fag.
by guitarhero2 November 08, 2006
A way of life... On the Internet.
OMG, I can't live w/o my AIM! LOL! H/O, BRB!
by T3n-iNcH-W0Nd3R November 14, 2004
What uneducated people use. Why are they uneducated? bcuz they tipe lik this nsted of tiping normaly. see lazy freak if u wunt 2 no more about ppl hoo tipe lik this.
I'm educated, so I don't use AIM.
by dref said right June 14, 2004
AOL Instant Messenger.
In my opinion, a crappy IM, which is beat EASILY by MSN IM, and no I'm not a Microsoft whore.
It's not as bad as YIM, but neither are no where near as good as MSN.
AIM is only popular with teenagers in the U.S.
MSN is popular with teenagers worldwide.
AIM sucks. YIM sucks.
Download MSN instead. MSN may have it's faults, but it's still damn good.
by Mr.DeepthroatDatX March 08, 2008
The source of social life on the internet.
rznlovaboy: sup baby
xxcalibabyxx: hey cyutie
we love aim
by rxyanx November 16, 2007
A premier Bschool in Manila Philippines, Asian Institute Of Management.

The school was set by Harvard Business School in asia to develop asian leaders.
Harvard, Bschool,AIM
by mav.rob October 12, 2008
Acronym: Affective Indescribable Malignancy. This is a label for when an evil force, such as a cancerous tumor, gains life and separates from the body to kill the masses.
"My AIM is a pain in the ass!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007

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