The most useful deadly disease thats getting rid of and killing all the niggers, fagots and scum of the world. Aids is a great thing. We need aids and more of it.
Aids is killing all the disgusting vile niggers that stink like shit all over Africa and it will never die, it will only multiply.
by tatomuck1 November 23, 2008
What unites all africans
These Africans are trying to make a Pan-African culture by getting AIDs
by Marc hobbers April 15, 2009
A supposedly incurable disease that has one simple solution... KILL ALL THE PEOPLE WITH AIDS!
AIDS although incurable can be stopped efficiently with a heavy, sharp, or poisonous object. Most easily solved by the use of guns.
by notAmerican August 04, 2005
The new cool. If you're in, then you're fucking in. Do you hear me niggers?
Dude, this party is all kinds of aids.
by brand0n March 17, 2006
A desease that has infected a lotta people in Africa, former known as a gay-desease. Killing, for sure.
- What's the most known uncureable desease?
by Jiz February 24, 2005
a disease that has infected almost all of Africa
Q : Whats the only positive thing about Africa?
by christy February 22, 2005
A popular disease in Africa.
"gotta love aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by unknown April 20, 2005

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