Okay, everyone else just defined what AIDS is, so I won't bother. Instead, I'll take this time to debunk the ignorant rumors about AIDS.

Okay, first of all, you can't get AIDS from touching any one's blood. You only get it from having the blood of someone infected with AIDS enter your system somehow. The same is true for semen and breast milk.
I know it sounds retarded, but there actually are people who don't know this, like AIDS just magically generates when blood touches the air or something, like this one time when I was fifteen and I broke this kid's nose in a fight that he and his friends instigated and he wiped his blood on me and said, "I hope you gets AIDS." True story, the kid was a fucking dumbass.

Second, AIDS was not invented by the government for "population control," you fucking clod, and no, they aren't keeping a secret cure from the public. Just because they said it on Chappelle's Show, that doesn't make it true.
The most widely accepted theory of the origin of AIDS is that somebody fucked an ape or a monkey, then spread it to other humans. This may sound weird to you, but trust me, bestiality is far more common than you can possibly imagine.

Third, AIDS does not only infect gay men. Straight people, man or woman, can get it too, through any kind of sex, not just anal. It can be transmitted through oral sex, vaginal sex, or any other kind of sex. And just because you don't cum, that doesn't mean your safe.

You cannot get AIDS from a toilet seat.

You cannot gets AIDS from sharing food with someone.

You cannot get AIDS from skin contact.

You cannot get AIDS from having someone sneeze or cough on you.

You cannot get AIDS from mosquitoes.

You cannot get AIDS from urine or saliva.

You get AIDS primarily from fucking infected people. This doesn't mean that you will get AIDS from fucking just anyone; only from infected people.

Prostitutes are likely to have AIDS, regardless of gender, and if you fuck one, you're taking a serious risk.

There are no cures for AIDS, and there are no vaccinations for AIDS, secret or otherwise. Once you get it, you're fucked. No one is immune to AIDS, straight or gay, man or woman.

In most of the Western World, you are extremely unlikely to get AIDS unless you are A) completely fucking retarded, or B) raped.
When you get AIDS from being to stupid to know what causes it and what doesn't, I'll fucking laugh.
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by Fuck Shit Piss August 29, 2007
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a syndrome of one or more diseases brought on by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The virus works by attaching to the victim's immune system cells, replicating, and injecting its own genetic code into the cell. Thus, the immune system is weakened, eventually to the point where simple infections and diseases become life threatening. The only way a person can get this disease is either by; Exchanging body fluids with an infected person (i.e. Blood, semen, vaginal fluids) and getting it into their bloodstream or body. This can happen by using needles which have been infected, sexual intercourse with an infected member, or Other forms of exposed contact to infected materials/fluids. While there are many people who would say otherwise, the people who are in the highest risk group of getting AIDS are homosexual males and people with multiple sexual parters. The main reason with male homosexual intercourse is there may be accompanying tears and fissures in the lining of the anus, which maximizes the spread of the virus into the body. In fact according to reports done by researchers, 84-87 percent of all AIDS victims in the United States are homosexual men. While in other places in the world, such as Africa, there is an astonishing rate of infection, mainly due to the sexual promiscuity in some areas of the continent.
In the U.S. there are currently 3,600+ children under age 5 who have AIDS, most of whom have recieved it from being born of an infected mother.
#aids #hiv #disease #std #syndrome
by Spec6 March 07, 2006
Atwater Immune Deficiency- a virus contracted from contact with a person from a third world country or New Prague, MN.
OMG! I GOT T3H AIDs!!!1!

Dude, don't touch that guy out in the hallway, he'll give you AIDs!
#fag #gay #homo #virus #diseas
by Brad McGreggor April 04, 2007
Anal injected death syndrome

funny parody of actual meaning
I have anal injected death syndrome"Aids"
#aids #anal #injected #death #syndrome
by Barry Wu August 20, 2008
A horrible disease that rapes your immune system via a Falcon Punch. Multiple things can cause it, sex is just one of them.
Zach: "Hey Josue, did you hear the news? Lori gave Brian AIDS after they had hardcore sexual intercourse."

Josue: "Yeah, I seen that on PornTube a while back."
#aids #falcon punch #porn #nasty #fuck
An acronym standing for Asian Insufficient Dick Size.
Jackie Chan, unlike his African-American co-star Chris Tucker, suffers from AIDS.
#asian #small #dick #penis #wang
by moronic midget March 03, 2008
A situation in which you get a case of the "runs" because you were drinking. It stands for: Alcohol Induced Dribble Shits.
Mark: Did you drink last night?
John: Yeah man, and I have a really bad case of AIDS.
#aids #shit #shits #runs #diarrhea #pooping
by James86 September 29, 2007
Anally Injected Death Sentence

Someone who has bent over and taken a rode of doom from behind. The rod of doom then shoots toxins into the anal cavity of the victim which then transforms the person into a zombie-like creature which, instead of wanting to devour flesh, wants to infect more people with the virus.
#aids #gay #a.i.ds #anally injected death sentence #toxin #sneeze jizz #pirate whore
by PapaKShizzle September 29, 2010
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