Okay, everyone else just defined what AIDS is, so I won't bother. Instead, I'll take this time to debunk the ignorant rumors about AIDS.

Okay, first of all, you can't get AIDS from touching any one's blood. You only get it from having the blood of someone infected with AIDS enter your system somehow. The same is true for semen and breast milk.
I know it sounds retarded, but there actually are people who don't know this, like AIDS just magically generates when blood touches the air or something, like this one time when I was fifteen and I broke this kid's nose in a fight that he and his friends instigated and he wiped his blood on me and said, "I hope you gets AIDS." True story, the kid was a fucking dumbass.

Second, AIDS was not invented by the government for "population control," you fucking clod, and no, they aren't keeping a secret cure from the public. Just because they said it on Chappelle's Show, that doesn't make it true.
The most widely accepted theory of the origin of AIDS is that somebody fucked an ape or a monkey, then spread it to other humans. This may sound weird to you, but trust me, bestiality is far more common than you can possibly imagine.

Third, AIDS does not only infect gay men. Straight people, man or woman, can get it too, through any kind of sex, not just anal. It can be transmitted through oral sex, vaginal sex, or any other kind of sex. And just because you don't cum, that doesn't mean your safe.

You cannot get AIDS from a toilet seat.

You cannot gets AIDS from sharing food with someone.

You cannot get AIDS from skin contact.

You cannot get AIDS from having someone sneeze or cough on you.

You cannot get AIDS from mosquitoes.

You cannot get AIDS from urine or saliva.

You get AIDS primarily from fucking infected people. This doesn't mean that you will get AIDS from fucking just anyone; only from infected people.

Prostitutes are likely to have AIDS, regardless of gender, and if you fuck one, you're taking a serious risk.

There are no cures for AIDS, and there are no vaccinations for AIDS, secret or otherwise. Once you get it, you're fucked. No one is immune to AIDS, straight or gay, man or woman.

In most of the Western World, you are extremely unlikely to get AIDS unless you are A) completely fucking retarded, or B) raped.
When you get AIDS from being to stupid to know what causes it and what doesn't, I'll fucking laugh.
#aids #acquired #immune #deficiency #syndrome #gay #retard #rape #dumbass #ignorant #africa #monkey #ape #bestiality #zoophile #stupid
by Fuck Shit Piss August 29, 2007
A-Rod Indeed Does Suck
A.I.D.S speaks for itself. Statistics are like bikins they show you alot but don't show you everything. If you can't hit in the clutch then you suck!
#a-rod #arod #yankees #aids #new york
by Mr. Joe August 24, 2006
A point-based MMIRL game. Several players compete to get the most points by having unprotected sex and other stuff. The more points you have, the higher chance you have of winning various diseases.

Protected sex: 0 points
Unprotected sex with someone who's been tested: depends on the results of the test
Unprotected sex with someone you know: 2 point
Unprotected sex with a stranger: 5 points
Unprotected sex with strangers: 10 points
Multiply total score by 10x if you're gay
Let's play AIDS!
#mmirlg #mmirl #sex #secks #disease #gay #game
by Xtreme2252 September 15, 2009
A STD geared to scare teenagers out of sex
A complete success
but they forgot about pregnancy
AIDS are a very dangerous STD.
#aid #sexually #transmitted #diesease #wuteva #sex
by RicoSwavey July 05, 2009
Alcohol Induced Diarreah Syndrome.

When you get wasted drunk and piss out of your ass all day long.
I drank a fifth of tequila last night and have been suffering from AIDS all day
#hungover #diarreah #hershey squirts #assplosion #ass piss
by yourmomlovesmycock February 06, 2008
AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that can be passed on from a man to a woman or from man to man. It is a disease that kills your white blood cells. Therefore your immune system is stopped and you cannot get better from any other illnesses e.g. flu. (also known as influenza).
AIDS can also be passed on from things like needles e.g. unclean needles used from one person to another in tatoos. It can even be passed on from breastfeeding.
stacey: did you hear about Lotty?

Mel: what?
stacey: she got AIDS!
Mel: how?
stacey: she had sex with brad who has aids
mel: how did brad get it?
stacey: When he got breast fed by his mother
mel: how did his mom get it?
stacey: she got a dirty tatoo needle
#aids #sexual #homo-sexual #transmitted #needles #unclean #breastfeeding #genetic #illness #immnue
by Juls!!alie May 20, 2009
The epitome of sexual humor. Common among teenagers who claim they are the wittiest of all comedians by overusing this unfunny word.
Lolguy 1: I don't want to touch you, I might get AIDS.

other guy: AIDS isn't spread by contact.

#aids #hiv #aid #adis #unfunny
by The Oncoming Doom October 27, 2008
Alcoholically Induced Dizzy Spells
Bill : I got AIDS last night
Fred : All you did was get on the booze and fell off your chair
Bill : That's right. Alcoholically Induced Dizzy Spells
#alcohol #sex #drinking #sitting #talking
by bloke02 April 25, 2008
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