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A stupid British idiot that will spend his whole life working at a grocery store. Sucks dick and gets raped up the ass on a regular basis. Normal homosexual partner is a Ryan.
guy 1: Where's Aidan?
guy 2: Probably sucking Ryan's dick.
by Dolphin boy man boy March 02, 2010
29 136
Aidans are incredibly awkward people. They are very tall and extremely skinny. Their arms are oddly shaped, which makes it hard for them to put their arm around a girl without strangling her. They have black hair, parted in the middle like a queer, no matter how much their amazing friends tell them to change it.Aidans tend to have overly large lips, which can get in the way of their impeccable diction.
Aidans are also secretly gay. They may act straight -- or rather asexual, as they seem to have no sexual orientation whatsoever -- but in truth, they are very homosexual.
Aidans are also prone to severe PMS mood swings.

And he's a huge bitch. But he's loved dearly for his epicness.
"Aidan and Nick will soon realize the love they've been hiding."
by teh epicness January 27, 2009
71 287
Extreamly short and angry midget, may disguise itself as a kola to fool you and rape you. beware the Aiden for it shall devour your very cheese. there mothers are extreamly fine! and sisters too.
"Look at the size of that aidan!"
"My Friend is such an aidan!"
"Aidan`s mom!"
by Midget-Killa! November 22, 2007
113 353
The bloke who walks around a school playground, picking up litter, sweeping up cigarette butts and covering vomit with sawdust. A contraction of 'AIDS Man', a reference to the fact that he's probably got AIDS cos he picks up other people's filth.
"Oh, I've dropped my chocolate bar on the floor. Oh wait, here comes Aidan to pick it up."
by Moonbar May 14, 2008
45 325
Usually Gay people who try to hide their Gayness and act straight. They like to play video games to hide their gayness most of the times. When they talk about porn, they usually finger themselves in the ass instead of jerkin' it. Most of the time they have harsh lisp's and they have black hair. They prefer to go out with other Gay people such as people named Brock Kelly or Jullian. But they mostly like to suck cocks with people named Jullian or usually have internet msn conversations showing each other their gentiles.
Aidan is a FAAAAAG who sucks Jullian's cock
by DoucheBags June 17, 2008
88 390