The most perfect boy imaginable. Sweet, understanding, funny, and kind. Never one to let you down, and always one to keep you smiling. The best boyfriend, or friend, anyone could ever ask for. Simply perfect.
Aidan smiles and is nice to everyone.
by tennis421 August 23, 2012
Can be a boy or a girl, usually irish. Pale, but despite this Aidan's are crazy sexy. If a guy, very athletic and charming. If a girl, very smart, sassy, and sarcastic.
I don't care how pale he/she is, Aidan is one sexy mother fucker.
by aidswhitty November 20, 2014
The sweetest and most unique girl you will ever meet. Someone that can most likely put a smile on your face. Beautiful inside and out. Aidan is a girl who is always up to something and never fails to entertain. She can make you fall in love the moment you see her. She is always happy and is willing to do anything to make others happy, and help someone out.
I met Aidan yesterday, now all i want to do is talk to her. She put a permanent smile on my face.
by nameexpert12345 August 24, 2011
An Aidan

is someone who loves his mother dearly, this type of person is very creative, has a lot of swag, and is highly intelligent. Aidans are prone to moodiness and can lean towards being lazy from the ages of 5 to 12. Once they reach their teens, they shape up.
by Robert Downey February 22, 2014
A guy with a really sweet personality. He is always there for you. He always has your back, and he has a sexy butt. He will comfort you when you need it. Likes hard sex, but can be gentle.
"How dod Aidan react when your grandma died?"

"He comforted me. Then we went to bed if u kno what I mean."
by Actress_gurl April 05, 2015
A really nice guy who is always truthful and caring. His personality is always the best. He's always kind, and his smiles are always genuine. If he likes you, then you're a very lucky person.
Aidan means "little fire" or "fiery one" in Irish. He's very energetic and loves to play video games and swirl in his chair. He loves to listen to music and draws what he hears. He is a very awesome person.
As Aidan heard a remix of a song, he smiled wide, and the smile reached his eyes.
by Natalie Bates April 11, 2015
The kid in class who likes to eat dick for breakfast and can't get no bitches.
Oh my god that creep Aidan is smiling at me, I can smell the sweaty dick from all the way over here!
by oh ok April 16, 2015

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