<3 The cutest and most amazing person in my life. He is the best person on the face of the planet. He is the person I want to grow old with and the person that I wan't to wake up next to every morning. He is talented, smart, funny, attractive, amazing, wonderful, and he is the love of my life.
Me; "hey Aidan"
Aidan; "Hey babe you look good in that dress"
Me; (blush) "thanks babe"
Aidan; "Well i have to go to class babe but I love you... see you later"

by lemonbug May 08, 2013

Pulling an Aidan.
-Getting out of any work/excercise/activity by using ridiculous excuses that wouldn't usually interfere with what the task required.

Teacher: Run on the spot for a minute!
Student: I can't, sir, I've got a sore arm.
Student 2 (to student 3): He's pulling an Aidan, what a wanker.

Teacher: Right, read the first paragraph, please.
Student: I can't, miss. I've got this ingrown toenail..it really hurts and I can't speak that well.
Student 2 (to student 3): He's pulling an Aidan, what a lazy cunt.
by TEMP89LFFR January 31, 2009
badest ass ever extremely cute, sexy, has the most adorable personality, has the nicest voice, and is very athletic. Dates the hottest girls, is best in bed, and all the chicks blow him. If you are dating aidan good job keep it up

girl 1 omg aidan is so hot. megan is so lucky for dating a guy like that.
girl 2 ikr he is so sexy
by 555 guy May 03, 2013
An amazing guy who knows how to treat a lady. Super smart, sporty, good with kids, and funny as hell. If he's your boyfriend, you're in for a treat.
Stacey: "What's your boyfriend's name?"
Christina: "Aidan"
Stacey: "Ooh, you're so lucky!"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011
Aidan is usually a very kind person.... ,mostly he's very handsome... he is also very sweet and many of them usually have light hair and light skin..
and they are usually shorter than many other boys.... there at average height... they are also sporty..... in many other ways....hope this helped.. :)
ME:"omg... Aidan is so HOT."
FRIEND: "ugh.. just go date him already you've been obsessing to much."
by thatawesomebitch00 December 24, 2013
The most perfect boy imaginable. Sweet, understanding, funny, and kind. Never one to let you down, and always one to keep you smiling. The best boyfriend, or friend, anyone could ever ask for. Simply perfect.
Aidan smiles and is nice to everyone.
by tennis421 August 23, 2012
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