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An amazing guy who knows how to treat a lady. Super smart, sporty, good with kids, and funny as hell. If he's your boyfriend, you're in for a treat.
Stacey: "What's your boyfriend's name?"
Christina: "Aidan"
Stacey: "Ooh, you're so lucky!"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011
Meaning "Fiery" in Gaelic, this name tends to be reserved for boys. Often times, those with the name Aidan are caring, and will cause you, without fail, to smile whenever you are down. "Aidan" may seem strange at first, but quickly you discover that he is very easy to love.
"He seems weird"
"Maybe, but I love him. He always makes me smile. His name's Aidan"
by Lady Karina February 04, 2012

Pulling an Aidan.
-Getting out of any work/excercise/activity by using ridiculous excuses that wouldn't usually interfere with what the task required.

Teacher: Run on the spot for a minute!
Student: I can't, sir, I've got a sore arm.
Student 2 (to student 3): He's pulling an Aidan, what a wanker.

Teacher: Right, read the first paragraph, please.
Student: I can't, miss. I've got this ingrown toenail..it really hurts and I can't speak that well.
Student 2 (to student 3): He's pulling an Aidan, what a lazy cunt.
by TEMP89LFFR January 31, 2009
That awesome guy that everybody likes
Yo Hes a Aidan
I know Right
by PenisAIds May 26, 2012
<3 The cutest and most amazing person in my life. He is the best person on the face of the planet. He is the person I want to grow old with and the person that I wan't to wake up next to every morning. He is talented, smart, funny, attractive, amazing, wonderful, and he is the love of my life.
Me; "hey Aidan"
Aidan; "Hey babe you look good in that dress"
Me; (blush) "thanks babe"
Aidan; "Well i have to go to class babe but I love you... see you later"

by lemonbug May 08, 2013
badest ass ever extremely cute, sexy, has the most adorable personality, has the nicest voice, and is very athletic. Dates the hottest girls, is best in bed, and all the chicks blow him. If you are dating aidan good job keep it up

girl 1 omg aidan is so hot. megan is so lucky for dating a guy like that.
girl 2 ikr he is so sexy
by 555 guy May 03, 2013
The sweetest and most unique girl you will ever meet. Someone that can most likely put a smile on your face. Beautiful inside and out. Aidan is a girl who is always up to something and never fails to entertain. She can make you fall in love the moment you see her. She is always happy and is willing to do anything to make others happy, and help someone out.
I met Aidan yesterday, now all i want to do is talk to her. She put a permanent smile on my face.
by nameexpert12345 August 24, 2011