simple: Attention Getting Tactics
Tiffany was being ignored so she suddenly brought up how big her boobs were and all the guys suddenly started paying attention to her. She was definetly using some AGT to make up for how uninteresting she really is.
by injunfeller June 24, 2008
Top Definition
"Ain't Got Time."

1. Used liberally anytime you are presented with a situation that you have no interest being a part of.

2. Used in reference to someone you think is worthless.
1. Hot, Yet Annoying Chick: "My chump boyfriend couldn't come to the party, do you mind talking to me all night so no one hits on me? I'll make sure you don't meet any other chicks, and then I'll go home and hump my boyfriend!"

Me: "AGT for that noise."

2. Normal Person #1: "Lisa got mad because I was making fun of the Jonas Brothers."

Normal Person #2: "Lisa? AGT for that skank."
by V. Wrinkle May 04, 2009
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