Asian Gambler Syndrome (AGS)

An emboldened style of play in gambling , prevalent in the table game blackjack.

The following symptoms are usually present:

1) Increasing bet size when player "is feeling it"
2) Intense levels of braggadocio when describing winnings or style of play
3) Murderous glances shot in your direction when player feels you caused him to lose
Scotty Nguyen shows some symptoms of AGS.
by Stanford Wrong March 03, 2005
AGS is the best thing in the wrold! It's something really great that only AGSers (aka those of AGS awareness) know and they worship it.
Oh, praise lord CJ for he is the creator of AGS!
by Ginny September 11, 2004
when a girl's ass is just an upward extension of her legs

several females in the agriculture industry suffer from this, adding more rationale to the title 'ags'

"check out that girl's ags"
by kDubbaYou May 02, 2006

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