Awful Grammar Syndrome

1. Basically, people who don't understand basic grammar rules (e.g. subject-verb agreement, tense, etc.).

2. They tend to make up their own words, if they don't know the correct term for it.

3. Awful Grammar Syndrome also includes people who don't know how to spell.

People with this disease should either a) take English classes, b) practice more, c) just shut up.

*Note: Some people with AGS are also jejemons. :-&
1. Person with AGS: "Did you get my called?"

2. Person with AGS: "What a co-accident!"
You: "Don't you mean, co-incident?"

3. Person with AGS: "I'm near to rich my dream."
Short for aggressive inline skates or otherwise

known as rollerblades
These new ag's will get me even higher
by kageAero July 27, 2009
Asian Girl Syndrome;when an asian girl gets all hyper out of no where and does the weirdest things that a living thing can do
Edward:Oh My God What the fuck is she doing?
Dan: Shit she's having an ags moment!
by lovealex710 August 17, 2008
A Grape Soda
1: Yo you get me an AGS bro?
2: Yeah man, right here.

1: Yeah I love the taste of that Grape
by I has teh litez June 20, 2009
a) The act of being/acting totally awesome.

b) A noun which means 'crown'.
a) He AGSed all day and night!
She's been AGSing since the day she was born.

b) He wears a huge Ags on his head.
by Ginny September 11, 2004
Relatively speaking - a great sister
The man told me his younger sister was ags
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005
(acronym) Asian Gambler Syndrome

An emboldened style of play in gambling, prevalent in the table game blackjack.

The following symptoms are usually present:

1) Randomly increasing bet size when player is "feeling it"
2) Baller levels of braggadocio when describing winnings or style of play
3) Murderous glances / mutterings shot in your direction when player feels you caused him to lose
Try as I can, I cannot shake the symptoms of AGS when I play 21.
by Stanford Wrong March 04, 2005

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