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Realizing that all frats are weak and soft, an elite group of individuals specializing in the consumption of alcohol, formed a unique rival faction. Far superior to typical greek social houses, AGB incorporates bad-ass armed forces influences (hence bravo in the namesake) to cement the fact they are better than their "frat-tastic" counterparts. Ironically, it is sometimes observed that the behavior of this exclusive group is frighteningly close to that of a typical fratboy. This is attributed to the fact that AGB members command a vastly superior intellect and are openly mocking these lesser mortals for their outrageous dress and inferior manhood. Members can be identified by their rugged good-looks, their overall BAMF-ness, and the occasional AGB forearm bump.
He must be in AGB, look how many hotties are hanging on him.

by The Original Godfather November 18, 2010

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