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Similar to the acronym of AFK, AFC is used in a small minority of console gamers meaning "Away From Controller" Easily said in non-acronym form, some people prnouce "Ay eff cee"
Gamer - Dude! You fucking got us killed!
Team mate - Sorry, was AFC
by Sazlo May 28, 2010
Away From Controller; a form of afk
Player: Another angry-tile room in Zelda, gonna stand in the doorway and afc till it's finished.

Player: Long and non-skippable cutscene, time to afc.
by /trade January 02, 2010
Automatic Frequency Control, a device used in FM recievers to prevent drift.
My DX-397 has an AFC.
by IrishrepublicanarmY January 01, 2004
Definition: Away from Computer
(1)Can be used for online gaming in particular MMORPGS, when a player steps away from their PC.
(2) The act of leaving your PC unattended.
(3) Can be used in replacement of AFK, but more specific to leaving the the vicinity of the PC.
Cabal Online Player 1: I'm getting thirsty guys I'm going AFC.
Cabal Online Player 2: Yea good idea, I'm going AFC as well.

Matrix Online Player 1: Where did Melisa go?
Matrix Online Player 2: You mean Shadowfoxy? She went AFC...
AFC can mean Association Football Club but in the case of AFC Wimbledon it has generally been accepted to means A Fans Club. It was the fans of football in the London borough of Merton, who to preserve they're football heritage, created a new football club after their football club (Wimbledon FC) was stolen from them. This club is now know as Franchise FC, long may it fester and rot in its slide down the football leagues until it eventually withers and dies.
AFC Wimbledon
by Cumbrian Womble April 18, 2004
away from controller. a form of the popular afk, afc is the same but used for online console games like halo 2. some people think afc mean average frustrated chump but they are n00bs
player 1- dude y is jimmy getting killed so much.
player 2- i think hes afc.
jimmy-no im here i just suck.
by Puppetpallmich July 31, 2005
Someone who sucks at seducing and picking up women, but they think they are good.
Cool guy 1: "That kid is such an AFC. He thinks he picked up that hottie sitting at the front of the class because he asked her what she thought of the class and then proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation about school work."

Cool guy 2: "Give him a break...thats probably the longest he's ever talked to a girl for"
by Young & Freedman February 08, 2007