Ain't fucking around - no nonsense, serious commitment in pursuit of a goal, getting shit done
Dude did you see that guy on the squat rack, he was squatting 500lbs atg, afa mate, let's hit these weights!
by m3ntat May 14, 2011
Propaganda-laden christian organization who wants people to say only "christmas" instead of "holiday" or "xmas", and ban gays, as well as hanukkah/ramadan/kwanzaa.
The AFA sucks!
by King Saladbar December 11, 2010
Away From Application or App:

Typically used when messaging on the iPhone or iPod Touch using an app from the app store.
Person 1: AFA, I need to use Safari for a second.
by skateskateisntbrown May 24, 2009
Short for "A Friend Always." A term used to sign letters, used in the same way as "from" or "sincerely."
Dear Person 1,
How are you? I hope all is well. Please write back soon.

Person 2
by Soupy November 03, 2008
as far as
Well AFA I know
by Anti-Liberal1026 July 13, 2008
Arabic slang. Often used like "Burn" or "So there."

Said: Ah-fah
Guy 1: That's ugly.
Guy 2: Your face is ugly! Afa!
by Trevy October 29, 2007
abbr. Arrested For Arson. Original rock band from Montana.
"We are so going to go see AFA tonight
by Ilickdrumsticks October 31, 2009

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