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A quick shower that only includes the dirty basics: armpits, butt, and crotch.
"Don't worry, it's just an abc shower, i'll be over in 5"
by seditious jason April 19, 2009
A male shower which concentrates only on the "abc parts" of a man. These are the primary and most crucial parts of the male anatomy. That being of course, Ass Balls and Cock. These showers are typically shorter than the average shower, and are generally done before and/or after sexual activity.
"Roger, you're going to take forever with your girl lookin ass. Lemme hop in first, I'm just hittin one of those "abc showers" right quick."

"Wtf is an abc shower?"

"I'm just washin my Ass Balls and Cock bro."

"Roger, get the fuck out of the bathroom. I just brought this trollop back from the bars and I got that stank dick. I gotta do an abc shower. I gotta hop in and wash my ass balls and cock brah. God damnit Roger, why are you curling your hair again u fuggin fairy
by ChadwellMeier September 23, 2011
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