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A condition experienced when one plays the game "Angry Birds", "Angry Birds Seasons", or "Angry Birds Rio" too much.

The constant tapping of the pause button and the subsequent tapping of the restart button right underneath it using one's left thumb eventually leads to throbbing and a peculiar tingling that can't be properly explained unless one experiences it firsthand.

As for the right hand, certain birds require tapping in order to use their respective ability. Many people prefer to use their right thumb for this function, which can lead to similar effects as the left hand. Many impatient players worsen this condition by launching their bird, tapping for the ability, then quickly swipe from left to right in order to get right back to their birds to launch as quick as possible

This condition is treatable with breaks between every few Angry Birds levels. However if one decides to keep playing, their condition could worsen.
"Man, my AB Fingers are messing with my school work, I can barely write anything!"

"I had the worst case of AB Fingers yesterday, luckily I took a break to go eat dinner"

"You need treatment for your AB Fingers, I'll call the most reliable hotline to get you some help
by Angry Birds Addict April 03, 2011
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