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Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre A controversial, behavior modifying, "rehabilitation program" for youth located in Calgary, Alberta.

AARC is pseudo-residential, using homes of oldcomer clients to house newer clients, also known as newcomers.

AARC utilizes a level system similar to Straight Inc. and group Synanon type sessions called rap to progress clients and families through to graduation.

AARC hires it's own graduates and family members to work as addiction specialists, junior peer counselors, peer counselors, sibling counselors, clinical staff and other positions with only their experience at AARC for credentials.

CBC's documentary Program The Fifth Estate won awards in 2009 for their expose on the AARC program, titled "Powerless".
I would be dead insane or in jail, AARC saved my life, I work there as a counselor to give back.
by A Nom De Guerre November 20, 2009
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