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Awkward Ass Mother Fucker
Two girls on drugs wait for elevator. Green haired fuckface walks in awkwardly as fuck and waits behind us.

girl one: (chuckling)
girl two: (snorting)

Elevator opens. Guy walks in AS AWKWARDLY AS POSSIBLE

girl one: (literally fucking dying of laughter)
girl two: (going to pee her goddamn pants)
AAMF: (akwardly standing in corner. Not laughing like the awkward ass mother fuck he IS)

Elevator opens. Girls run out. Elevator hasn't closed yet

by nigga337 March 03, 2013
Always another mother fucker

In call of duty mw2 when you kill a guy but there is another seal right there to kill you
Me: Damn dude i smoke his ass but his punk ass friend was right beside him. i only had 1 more kill for a nuke.

Chris: Shit bro. aamf.
by Phil the kill February 10, 2010
As A Matter of Fact
as a matter of fact AAMF, used in sentences.
by Pygmy Puff March 26, 2012
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