ASB (an acronym for "Associated Student Bodies") is an adult furry comic book about a lion who gets involved into an unrealistic gay relationship. ASB is very popular among furs, since it's about love and, more important, life. It features adult content, but certainly isn't adult-centristic. Highly recommended for anyone, no matter what gender and orientation you are. It's just cool.
That Danny-lion from ASB is just cool! Give me more of him! :)
by Wildy February 08, 2005
Ape-Shit Ballistic

The status of being angered, frustrated, and/or outraged beyond all rational levels of human behavior. Usually the immediate precursor to extraordinarily violent activities, enacted for the sake of vengeance.
I took a lot of lip from that guy, but when he disrespected my girl, I went ASB on his ass.
by RotSman October 28, 2006
Asain Skinny Bitch
I realy like to have an ASB.
by U812 June 22, 2012
affiliated street bombers
me n my friends made a tagging crew up called asb
by dripyy March 01, 2009
Acronym for Anti-Social Behavior, brought to light with the recent British movement to eliminate it, and thereby institute a pattern of limiting free thought.
I hate those crimethinkers. They really commit a ton of ASB.
by Dmack901 March 22, 2006
Allah Screaming Bastard
You ASB u shot me!! (cod4)
hahha ur dead.
by uoydepari (read backwards) November 02, 2008
A different approach at ASL, but if you tell someone ASB instead, they won't know what to say.
1: what's your ASL?
2: What's your ASB?
1: -stops talking, leaves-
by Jojelly September 08, 2008

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