A.G.W.S., or Anti Gnosis Weapon Systems, are a minor part of a game called "Xenosaga." They are mobile suit mechs such as Gundams; yet on a smaller scale. These are like your "Xenogears" from the game called "Xenogears" (a game in the same universe). In the story A.G.W.S. seem to play a big part, but are actually ineffective as far as fighting the Gnosis, as they are intended to do. Most people play through the game without using them. They are, however; cool looking and can be helpful.

The voice actors in "Xenosaga" pronounce A.G.W.S in the following ways:

The Gnosis are attacking! Call out the A.G.W.S.!

by Beast404 September 12, 2006
Top Definition
Anti-Gnosis Weapon System

A.G.W.S. are key figures in the Xenosaga series. An A.G.W.S. is esentially a machine designed to combat Gnosis. While this technically makes KOS-MOS an A.G.W.S (she even calls herself an A.G.W.S.), what are generally described as A.G.W.S are the mechwarrior-type A.G.W.S. that bear the name and can be used in battle.
Shion: "Transmit A.G.W.S.!"

*Shion disappears and her A.G.W.S. unit appears*

Gundam Wing, eat your heart out.
by Psydon August 10, 2004
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