A woman who has sex with her ex boyfriend the day after she breaks up with her current boyfriend, or a woman who shows her breast to get a man to go swimming
A.Fish is a dirty whore he cares about no one but herself and has sex with her ex boyfriends a day after breaking up with there current one.
by wfwqgeqrgrefveqrwgeqrgqe July 10, 2008
Top Definition
When someone makes a irellivent comment or acts as if they have been tripping of drowning because they pretended to be a fish and there drowning and so they are hallucinating and chatting absolute nonsense
James :"we could go to Watford"

Harry:" is there anything to do there"

James:" There's absolutely nothing to do"

Harry: "your such a fish "
by Harryhatman July 05, 2016
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