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The first is situated between the already-known G-spot and the crevix, on the frontal wall of the vagina the same as the G. The other one has been discovered by sex-geologists (as it befits to call them!), lying 2cms deep into the love tunnel! These 'spots' can be errotogenous if massaged gently by the the tip of the glans , hitting the vagina in repetitive thrusts that point upwards to the belly button.
In the late-90s, a collective area was designated as one whole 'spot' that can produce the squirt effect (seen in hot-squirter fuck-flicks...), by the stimulation of the 'cligeva' (the CLItoris/ G-spot/ Vaginal canal & the urEtha).
The Hindus knew, since the beginning of time that the vagina had many treasures hidden inside it other than the A-spot/ U-spots: Tanzen is a 'spot' that the Kama Sutra talked about, namely the second 'hara' chakra located 3"inches just below the navel and can be errogenous too, if massaged during sex or, gently pressed by the palm of the hand during thrusting.
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
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