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1. when something exceedingly bad or negative happens to you, you respond by exclaiming "A-shaft!"

2. when you are forced into doing something you do not want to do, similar to forcedown
joe: i just got a 30% on my final, a car ran over my bike and my mother and two sister's are in the hospital.
bob: A-shaft! (or "that's an A-shaft")
#that sucks #shaft #forcedown #excellent #zang
by jake goldstein March 22, 2007
When you get screwed over, often by someone who's name begins with the letter "A". normally said when the screwing over happens to you, but if it happens to a friend it is permissable to say as well
1)Bill: ya josh got dumped the other day
Jack: A-Shaft!

2)ya he stole my seat the other day in carpool, it was a major A-Shaft. and it was after i called shotgun too!
#forcedown #shaft #lobster claw #shocker #memorandum
by Aryeh Cohen March 21, 2007
Somethimg very very very bad
1)When you are taking a nice hot shower and out of nowhere the water turns to cold, respond by screaming "A-Shaft!"
2)Nuclear Bomb
3)Talking to Yoni
4)When Peter gives you the wrong answer
#crap #amir #shaft #bad #not good
by Larry T May 03, 2007
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