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A very bright, handsome, brave, strong, trustworthy man. He is always there for you, and will never let you down. Very much lowkey. He will never share secrets and keeps what is hidden, hidden. Very handsome, all the girls secretly stare at him and desire him, but they dont ever tell anybody because they always have a friend that likes him. Amazing in bed, some of his talents involve his one of a kind sexual ability. Very strong emotionally and physically . Never gives up , always encouraging and inspiring to others. A really good friend, someone any girl/guy can count on and open up to. He is known as very lyrical and his talent in music and poetry. Conquering girls with his lyrics and beautifull words. Also very brave, he will do things others are afraid to do, he takes a stand and is much like a leader. He is heard as very mean and almighty, if you bother, disturb him he will become your fear. The type of person anyone would want to meet , espescially the females.
by MariaAndA December 07, 2013
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