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In some more white based areas A-Will is another word for Weed.
"Hey man i'll buy you A-Will if you be my friend"
"Thats not very A-Will"
by NachoSupreme810 October 23, 2011
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A male who could be described as whipped but on a whole deeper mental chaotic state. A Male man who, on acquiring a female counter part, does not communicate or relate to his male chums any longer.
"He won't go out tonight because he's decided to be a will."
by registered July 14, 2012
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when you shoot a basketball and it go's over the hoop.
by will February 12, 2003
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the action of puttings ones arm awkwardly around another. usualy resulting into discontent of the "another"
the "yawn" is an A-Will
by kittylitter432 December 01, 2007
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member of the famous street gang the santa fes.
to be an outstanding wrestler
to not be able to get a hard on.
Yo man you see a-will bustin that crazy shit?
That kids an a will
man you pulled an awill
by hotassdude February 15, 2007
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