1)The state at which everyone thinks that you are flamingly gay, but you are actually a pimp at heart.

2)A person that has complete knowledge of all types of spices aswell as herbs.
-A-wall is wearing rubber duck boxers, what a queer, he is still a pimp tho...

- Guy 1:That guy is wearing topsiders what an a wall.
-Guy 2: Nah dog he's no awall he's just a flamer.

by Blaze a.k.a Razor Wire January 21, 2008
Top Definition
How idiots spell AWOL.
he went A-WALL on me at the bar.
by I'm 2 Awesome April 12, 2010
1.Leaving your friends or associates hanging on a big day/night(especially one planned for weeks or months).

2.Going rogue.

3.Leaving your friends in a tight spot and running away,like a haunted house(13 stories maybe).

1.Brandon's not answerin' his phone,i think he went A wall.

2.Brandon stop it!Dont hit her!Hold him down he's A wall!

3.Brandon just went A wall everybody!Stay close!
by Maxwell High November 03, 2007
A pirate that is terrorist of the seas
Awall was a pirate thus a terrorist and I don't negotiate with terrorist
by Yourfriend CP May 16, 2011
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