used as a positive description of a person, thing, or Idea
Popimp is so A-team.
That game is on the A-team.
freedom is A-team.
by Popimp January 02, 2006
A complex sexual act in which the recipient is on their hands and knees, receiving anal penetration from one person while giving oral sex to another; these two then exchange a high-five, thus forming the shape of the roman letter "A." Colloquially used to indicate any demeaning activity by two people against another.
Let's get together and A-Team that whore.
by Windowlicking January 22, 2009
The crew of the best looking waitresses at Hooters. They usually work the busier times of the day and weekends.
Jimmy: "Dude, these Hooters girls aren't that hot"
Adam: "This is just the b-team, after 5:00 the a-team will be in"
by Backinblack January 07, 2006
Group of three lovely ladies straight outta Lake OSwego, Oregon.

Meagan, Halsey, and Candace make up the mafia with Kelsey on the Alternative A Team.

the Posse can be found creeping, stalking, and dancing throughout LO.

Their headquarters is the Swamp of Creeping and Stalking(SOCAS) in Lake Oswego

He Doesn't even go here boy: Have you met those A Team girls?
8th grade math teacher: yeah, they are creepy. I saw that candace one watching me through my windows last night.
by Z.A.C January 30, 2008

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