The absolute BEST player in baseball, and anyone who disagrees is a hater and ya needa stop sippin ya haterade bitches!!! Not only was he a better short stop than Jeter could ever dream of being, but he is now also one of the best third basemens in the game!! And he is the best offensive player for sure, and he will one day be the homerun king, and no he does not use steroids!! And if all his awesomeness on the baseball field wasnt enough, hes also drop dead gorgeous, and can fuck any girl he wants, and still keep his wife, because she knows hes the best shell ever get!!!!!
Arod is the best baseball player, and sexiest, to ever walk to face of the earth, hands down!!!
by AMB** April 11, 2008
Top Definition
A-Rod is a mathematical equation with an improbable answer.

Zero big postseason hits + zero winning seasons in Texas + one improved record by Texas when he left + zero American League championships + zero World Series trophies = 25 million dollars.
A-Rod just earned more money while you were reading this sentence than you're going to make all year.
by whitemale_98 January 03, 2005
1- A choking loser who can't get a big hit.
2- A meterosexual male with purple lips who can't get a big hit
2- An overpaid fraud
He struck out with the game on the line again? Wow he is a real Arod.
by i4c May 03, 2006
Taken from the abbreviation of Alex Rodriguez, a former Seattle Mariners baseball player who signed to the Texas Rangers for what was then considered the highest wage (approx. $25 million) in American Baseball. Later, he resigned to the New York Yankees.

Sometimes A-Rod is seen as a positive distinction for someone who is popular and likable, possibly even affluent and sought after. However, in most places (i.e., Washington State, Texas) being called an A-Rod is considered an insult, meaning “sell-out” or even as a derogatory term for someone who is sexually easy, male or female. The term can be used to describe others in the media, sports, or television, or known acquaintances.

Can be used as an adjective, sometimes a noun.
"Man, Good Charlotte has gone so A-Rod."
"Pay Mary Jane enough and she'll go A-Rod for ya."
"Man, Justin is such an A-Rod."
by Katiwasayan January 18, 2005
v. To Slap Balls.

n. Highest payed player in baseball who has not won a World Series pennant, nor has won a League Pennant, nor has had any significant postseason success, nor can fight like a man, and... he slaps balls.
You better not touch me with that ball, I'll freakin A-Rod that ball!!!
by Corbs February 11, 2005
The act of admitting to doing something wrong only after you have been totally busted.
Also known as 'pulling an A-Rod'.

by MichaelMcD February 10, 2009
1. a steroid jacked homo
2.a yankee (gay)
3.the face of the secretive homosexeul world
7. jeter's partner for life
A-rod just did jeter in the clubhouse after winning a game.
by u dont need to no March 26, 2008
A-Rod is a nickname for baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez
"yo A-Rod hit three home runs last night"
by kmart July 10, 2005

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