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an A-OK rocket launching.
by Rodolphe85 December 21, 2006
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ALL OUT KINGS - Graffiti gang
AOK was one of the last active crews on New York City's subway system. In the late 1980s they were particularly active on the BMT lines. They continued to write despite pressure from the New York City Police Department's Vandal Squad and the Mayor's office. During this time period it was the city's objective to completely eliminate painting from the subway. Some RIS members continued to write during the clean train era. Partial listing of AOK membership: REAS, GHOST, WOLF, MESH, FUEL, PURE, KELT, VEN

by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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An abreviation for Age of Kings. Age of Kings is the subtitle for Age of Empires II. This specific game was created c. 1999. It is a real time strategy game much like a better, medieval version of Starcraft.
Guy1: Dude, I can't play that map you sent me for AOK...
Guy2: Probably because you don't have TC.
Guy1: The Conquerors? I can't find AOK's expansion anywhere! Everybody made their maps with TC and now I can't play them!
by J. Spearin March 25, 2007
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Man Joe is AoK again...
by Tanis53 February 15, 2009
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a street gang in pa dat u kno da best
yo u kno if u mess wit aok da best u prolly will be dead liek da rest and nick b yo bro if u form da burg come to da club holla
by nikc b form 717 October 13, 2003
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