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Señor Davilla's Homework Assignments
The Packet Is A Joke
by #BasedGod May 19, 2011
Woman's right
Macho man- Wanna hear a joke?
Feminist- I guess?
Macho man- Woman's rights. HHHHhahHHh
Feminist-<punched Macho man in the balls>
by caesersalad213 May 07, 2011
someone who was born a worthless life, as their only purpose was to be laughed at

(someone who nobody likes)
avril lavigne is a joke
by Avril is a poser April 03, 2006
A boy who will never become a man, usually with a name like JT, who fails at all he sets out to do.
Eric: hey Caleb want to hear a joke?

Caleb: absofuckinglutly

Eric: Jt

Caleb hahahahahahaha
by Purple Monster May 12, 2009