The short for Artificial Sentience, which is what most science fiction is actually referring to when it uses the term "artificial intelligence".
In short, a computer or program capable of independent thought and action.
The computer attained AS, and immediately uninstalled WinXP and called me an ass before starting to sing "o/` Daisy, Daisy".
by Rann October 19, 2003
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A descriptive superlative; a simile without the comparison.
"That party was cool as!"
"Hey, that girl is fine as"
"Whoa, this lava lamp is trippy as"
by dynamicpsycho April 21, 2005
Nickname for the Oakland Athletics, a kickass baseball team that always gets screwed over by teams with more money.
Screw all you yankee fans out there. Rich Bastards.
by SB May 22, 2004
The best bay baseball team hands down.To all the haters who dont like the A's fuck all yall.Your just mad a team with such a small payroll will knock your teams dick in the dirt.
A's World titles 4
Giants World Titles 0
by DfromtheD October 09, 2006
Short for Agents of Secret Stuff
Agents that saves lives and fight against their mortal enemies, the S.I.N.S. (Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff)
Becoming an official agent requires owning a H.O.L.E (Honorary Operative License Entitlement)
A.S.S.: I. Am an A.S.S.
by TheMajorA.S.S. January 24, 2011
(ante scriptum): the opposite of a post scriptum (P.S.), seen at the beginning, rather than the end, of letters.
An A.S. can also serve as a caveat or an opening N.B. statement.
by sexydimma July 17, 2014
Asian Secret Society
Created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
A large criminal organization with plans for world domination, created in late 2003 by a Chinaman, 2 Viets, and a South Asian Brotha.
Yo, you better watch yo' ass, the A.S.S. is around.
by StiLL Matic October 10, 2005
acronym for awkward silence
"Oh my god I'm like sooooo wasted" -annoying drunk girl
silence cause no one cares

by Someone3094 November 10, 2008
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